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The Trient Valley, a source of well-being

Running from Vernayaz to Vallorcine, in the heart of the Mont-Blanc region, the Trient valley is a region of genuine character and unforgettable beauty.

It is easily accessible by road and can also be reached via the spectacular Mont-Blanc Express railway, which runs along its entire length. Welcome to the Trient valley, a source of well-being.

The area offers easy road access and is also linked by the spectacular Mont Blanc Express. Welcome to the Trient Valley - a source of well-being.




Current weather

Su Sunday 26 June 2016 26.6 sunny 22°

Forecast for the next days

Mo Monday 27 June 2016 27.6 mostly sunny | 19°
Tu Tuesday 28 June 2016 28.6 sunny | 22°
We Wednesday 29 June 2016 29.6 sunny spells, chance of rain showers 12° | 24°
Th Thursday 30 June 2016 30.6 sunny spells, chance of rain showers 12° | 22°
Fr Friday 1 July 2016 1.7 mostly sunny 11° | 24°

Source: MeteoSwiss

Map of the region