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Ski touring

The Trient valley has several mountains suitable for ski touring. Skiers are strongly recommended to use the services of a mountain guide.

La Chaulée


Divided into two sections, each with a height difference of about 500 metres, La Chaulée is a permanent ski touring route on the edge of the La Creusaz skiing area, and is waymarked and protected. It does not present any particular technical difficulties, other than a few kick turns along the upward part.

The route starts at an altitude of 1180 metres, on the road to Le Cergneux, just beyond the lower station of the Les Marécottes gondola lift. A turning off the main route leads to the Le Creusaz restaurant, which enjoys panoramic views, at an altitude of 1777 metres.

Those with more stamina can continue to the end of the route, at 2180 metres. Here, they can restore lost energy at the snack bar at the foot of the Col de la Golette, opposite the Grand Combin and Mont Blanc.

All the upward route is off-piste, with the exception of a few clearly-marked traverses, but these can be used for the descent.

This route can provide a relaxing outing or some hard exercise, and is open to anyone with touring skis. The first section is also suitable for snowshoeing.


Map of La Chaulée route 


Every Friday evening there's a "Pasta Party" at the restaurant in La Cleusaz, which is perfect if you've just worked your way up the slope. For information and bookings, call +41 (0)27 761 18 98.


Autres excursions

For any other excursions, please don't hesitate to contact our mountain guides.