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Christophe Huguenin, glass blower at Trient


From 1988 onwards, Christophe has been developing various ways of using glass, so that he can make his clients' wishes a reality. Tubes and rods of glass are softened by his torch, and then, at the critical moment, his hands and his blowing technique move and shape the glass, transforming it completely.

The glassware produced in this way falls into two categories:

  • glassware for technical purposes (which involves developing methods for producing prototypes, and producing a unique item or several of the same item)
  • decorative glassware (obtaining complex shapes in hollow glass which can then refract the light in an infinite number of different ways)

Statuettes, lamps, drinking glasses or carafes make gifts which are a pleasure both to give and to receive.

By appointment only.

More info

Christophe Huguenin
Artisan glass blower
Immeuble Ancienne Douane
1929 Trient (in French only)

Tel: +41 (0)27 722 02 40