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Pendulum, abseil and zip line

If you enjoy an adrenaline rush then Finhaut is the place for you. You can go pendulum jumping, perform a 60-metre abseil, and zoom along a fantastic zip line - all in one day!


The pendulum, which resembles a giant swing, covers a distance of 60 metres. People launch themselves into the air from a platform situated below the Trouléroz viaduct and swing while held securely by their harness.

For reasons of safety, this equipment can be used only under the supervision of specially-trained mountain guides.

In addition to the pendulum, there is a 60-metre abseiling course and a zip line, which all add up to an unforgettable day.


Groups can book this activity through:

  • Marc Volorio, Finhaut


+41 (0)79 219 47 37    

  • Samuel Lugon-Moulin, Finhaut  


+41 (0)79 409 30 71                                             

  • No limits Canyon


 +41 (0)27 395 45 55




    More info  (in French only)


    Video of the pendulum



    Video of abseil and zip line