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Paraglide and delta wing

Tandem flight in les Marecottes

Tandem paraglide flight in Les Marecottes

Tim and Ludo make you discover the Trient Valley from the sky !

A unique experience above a breathtaking scenery.

A stunning view of the entire Trient Valley, the Rhone Valley and the Mont-Blanc area.  

Come to ski and make your first flight by flying from the top of the TeleMarecottes skiing area.

Contacts and booking

  • Tim Descombe +41 79 519 72 02
  • Ludo Vulliemin +41 79 321 82 37

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Delta wing tandem flight in Les Marecottes

Let's try a tandem flight in delta wing to discover the Valley of the Trient from the sky !

Contact and booking

Pierre Délez: +41 79 710 68 74