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Nant de Drance Information Centre



This information centre, which is adjacent to the Châtelard-Frontière railway station, traces the development of work at the Nant de Drance site, where an underground pumped storage hydroelectricity plant is being built between the Emosson and Vieux-Emosson dams. Models, films, photographs and diagrams give visitors a clearer understanding of this monumental project, and of the progression of the work on it, which will take almost 10 years!

Opening hours

June to August: open every day from 8:45 to 18:00.

September, October: open every day from 8:45 to 17:30.

November to May: Closed for the winter. A key is available from the Nant de Drance site management office in Châtelard-Village (+41 (0)27 720 47 30).


Access is free.