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Musée de la Radio, Marconi

Salvan and the Titanic, Place Centrale Salvan
Guided tours available on request
Bookings +41 (0)79 347 12 50


Guglielmo Marconi made the first wireless transmissions in 1895 from Salvan, with assistance from local resident Maurice Gay-Balmaz.  

A century later, the Marconi Foundation was created to perpetuate the memory of the Italian physicist. A public space in the centre of the village tells the story of his experiments, and gives visitors some fascinating insights into the world of telecommunications.

An educational trail also pays tribute to him.

The Marconi Foundation organises four guided tour programmes, which include a tour of the radio museum only, and a museum tour combined, according to preference, with the educational trail and/or the Moulin Fine flour mill. In addition to these programmes, the Foundation can provide a seminar room or organise a meal at a restaurant in Salvan. Tailored programmes for groups are also available on request.

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Musée Marconi
Musée Marconi
Musée Marconi
Musée Marconi
Musée Marconi