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Moulin Fine

Explore this mill, which has been working again since 2009.


Explore the last working water mill in the region. Restored in 1993, it has been open to the public since 2009 thanks to the François Fine Foundation, under the leadership of Jérôme Décaillet, grandson of François Décaillet, also known as François Fine. 

Opening times

Precise details of when the mill is open are given on the foundation's website, but in general, the mill is open to the public from May to September:

  • every 2nd Sunday of the month, from 10:00 to 18:00;
  • and on Swiss Mills Day, which is the Saturday after Ascension Day.

On these days, the mill is working and grain is turned into flour. There are guided tours, with explanations and demonstrations of the operation of the mill, plus milling, sales of bread (made by Salvan's baker with flour from the mill), a snack bar and light meals. Entrance is free.

Guided tours for groups available on request.



By car, using the car park on the edge of the village of Salvan (the mill is 100 metres below the car park)

By train, take the Mont-Blanc Express to Salvan. The mill is a 5-minute walk from the railway station.

On foot, via the Route des Diligences from Finhaut or Vernayaz.

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Le Moulin Fine
Le Moulin Fine
Le Moulin Fine
Le Moulin Fine
Le Moulin Fine
Le Moulin Fine